Today Monday July 15, 2008

Today I woke at 530 am….Soooo early in the morning, but I had to go to work. It is a struggle day in and day out to wake in the morning to go to a job that you really dont enjoy but you have to do it because it’s a paycheck and around these parts, it is hard to find good paying jobs…so, well, I force myself to roll out of bed or in my case, off the couch in the morning as when Nick works midnights, for some reason I feel safer on the couch. Dont ask me why because I do not have a answer for you. Anyhow, the first thing I did was call Nick, my morning regiman, then I got dressed brushed hair and teeth and out the door I went at 6am. I stopped for my usual coffee, not just a plain nasty black coffee but my usual..ENGLISH TOFFEE COFFEE, I am addicted….and my newspaper then on the road I go an almost 30 minute drive and with the gas prices these days, it really sucks down my gas. As I am going to work, I get my morning text from Racheal saying good morning….isnt she just nice…lol. Then I pull in the parking lot and from there on its down hill until 3pm hits and I am out the turnstyles like a new born baby flies out the….well you get the picture, I am out of there fast cause I cant wait to get home, shower eat and relax for the evening. Today tho, I got to come home to Nick and hearing him greet me at the door with a HI HONEY, really put a smile to my face. I did get some bad news today. My mom found out shes a diabetic, which scares me cuz it runs on her side of the family, so yea needless ti say, im a little scared and am going to get me checked out, just to be on the safe side. So, enough of that. I got to rub nicks Hurt foot and put him to sleepy…lol, I cooked dinner ate woke Nick he ate then went back to sleepy and here I am on here updated my blog page. I lead an excited life dont I…lol. I am not mentioning my little one in the equation right now as she will not be home until the end of the month. I can not wait to see her little cute face…..What a Booger Dew she is. Thats her nickname. Nick gave it to her…one of many, but she likes them so we will keep them coming, just for her. Love you Jade. Well its time for me to make like tree and leave…lol… old and so not cool I know. Ill think of something better next time. Until then, Renae.. OUT……Over and Out. Night :)♥


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